Tuesday, 20 November 2007

And yet another reason to hate Chuck Norris

As if those asanine "Chuck Norris Jokes" that are all the rage with mush-minded frat boys and his vapid, plotless, doldrum-inducing action movies weren't enough for you to despise Chuck Norris, I've uncovered some facts that might make you hate him even more.
Last night, on G4TV's Attack fo the Show I saw the clip below:

Yes, that is Chuck Norris, and yes, he is endorsing a presidential candidate. If any of you dont remember who Mike Huckabee is, he was the governer of Arkansas who was featured on Talking To Americans - the one that congratulated Canada on our "national igloo".

It seems that Mr. Norris is a staunch supporter of Mike Huckabee. That alone might not arouse your ire for Chuck Norris, but get this: Huckabee is (not surprising for a politician from Arkansas) a rightwing fundie. He has been quoted (I'll find the exact quoute later) with saying that, if science and religion were at odds with one another, he would pick religion because "science changes constantly with new facts, and religion never changes". He obviously have little understanding of the scientific method and how the constant revision of facts upon being presented with new evidence is what makes it so powerful. Anyway, after realizing that Norris is endorsing someone who would likely turn America into some draconian theocracy, I began to do a little research on him. What I found was disturbing.

Firstly, he is an outspoken critic of evolution, and supports creationism. If that were not bad enough, he holds the theory of evolution responsible for school shootings, commenting:
"We teach our children they are nothing more than glorified apes, yet we don't
expect them to act like monkeys
Basically, he thinks that evolution tells us that humans are nothing more than "glorified apes", and kids are going to act like wild animals, shooting and stabbing each other in the schoolyards. No doubt, Huckabee also shares this view and would try to get evolution thrown out of schools were he to become president.

Aparently, Norris also belives that there is an "atheist conspiracy" in the United States that is working to make Christianity illegal. Not only is he ignorant but he's delusional as well! Futhermore, to stop the growing "threat of secularization", he said that,were he to become president, he would tattoo "In God We Trust" on the forehead of all atheists, and even deport all liberals from the country (and "force them to listen to Bill O' Reilly every day for five years", but this must be a misquote, because the US doesn't torture, right?)

Mr. Norris is a contributing writer to the site WorldNetDaily (aka WorldNUTDaily for the outrageous conservative drivel the site publishes) and I took a look at a few of his articles. In one, he complains about abortion and how evolution has lead to "human degredation" and "fetal devaluation". He claims that "life begins at conception" - his evidence for this, you ask?
"Before our embryonic twins were surgically placed into my wife Gena, the nurse
told her, ''I want to show you something.'' She wheeled Gena to the incubator
where they were kept and gently opened the door. The incubator was bathed in
warm light and soft classical music. Gena later told me it was the most incredible sight she had ever seen. ''It was like looking at something from heaven,'' she explained.
That was only 2 days after conception! Whether or not Gena had become pregnant,
we were fully convinced at that moment that life begins at conception.
Thirty-two weeks later our twins were born."

He looked in an incubator at two embryos which had been fertilized only days before and, because it was "beautiful" it MUST constitute a human life. Real convincing, there, Chuck.

Other articles he's written go on and on about how terrible it is not to teach the Bible in schools (as if it were literal truth) and how the media is so liberally biased.

After finding all of this, I am convinced that Chuck Norris has the intelligence of a sponge cake. I couldn't stand him when he was only making crappy movies, I REALLY couldnt stand him with morons began telling those lame "jokes" about him and now I utterly detest the man. It's a shame that he's so popular, and it's disgusting that he has been using his fame to promote his backwards conservative beliefs.


Ian said...

I watched the Eddie Tabash speech from the AAI conference and he mentioned that the US Supreme Court is 1 judge away from being majority-fundie. If that happens even the constitution won't protect Americans because the group entrusted to defend it won't. He said that every one of the Republican candidates will seek to put that last fundie on the bench and tip the balance.

AiG lets the world know that along with Huckabee, Tancredo and Brownback also disagree with evolution.

C.W.G.K said...

The irony behind the Supreme Court not defending the very constitution that demands a seperation of church and state BECAUSE of a mingling of church and state is abhoring.

And again, AiG has proven itself as a biased source of misinformation. Gotta love the obvious hypocracy in "We dont reccomend one candidate over another BUT THESE ARE THE THREE YOU SHOULD VOTE FOR"

avatar777 said...

I have lost all respect for Chuck Norris, all of his fame is based on a skill that came from a 'Godless' people and then he criticizes them. He is a typical close minded, ignorant hypocrite that thinks he is still on the school playground where he can bully people into his beLIEfs.

Anonymous said...

if it wasnt for bruce lee! chuck norris would never be famous!

Anonymous said...

I think he is the most annoying , narrow minded fuck head and I actually wish something bad happens to him...like his imaginary d**k being cut off or bitten off by a toothless dog