Saturday, 2 February 2008

The United States of Canada

As much as it pains me to say it, our country is slowly transmorgifying into a colder version of the US (I blame the Harper government). If you haven't heard by now, Harper and his lackies have recently disbanded the position of National Science Advisor. The National Science Advisor was basically the link between the scientific community and the Prime Minister; he also helped advise the government on its role in sceince and scientific policy. When it comes to issues like GMOs, or global warming, the government no longer has a voice of reason helping to explain the issues and to clear up the cloudiness caused by the popular media and industry on such issues. Basically, Prime Minister Harper no longer gives a crap about science - something I find terribly troublesome. He's looking more like Bush Jr with every passing week.

And if that were not bad enough, the government has put a muzzle on our environmental scientists. According to the National Post:
Environment Canada has "muzzled" its scientists, ordering them to refer all media queries to Ottawa where communications officers will help them respond with "approved lines."

The new policy, which went into force in recent weeks and sent a chill through the department research divisions, is designed to control the department's media message and ensure there are no "surprises" for Environment Minister John Baird and senior management when they open the newspaper or turn on the television, according to documents obtained by Canwest News Service.

In effect, this means that the government has to approve any responses scientists may have to queries by the media about environmental issues; any response they dislike, they have the ability to "disapprove". Our environmental scientists are basically being censored.

What is wrong with our country? It feels like the federal government has suddenly turned anti-science. No good can come of this...

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