Saturday, 10 May 2008

Ignorance at Work

With the olympics being held in Beijing this year and beginning in only a few months, there has been alot of media coverage on the ongoing protests regarding the host country and thier track record of civil liberties (or lack thereof), especially in regards to the Tibet issue.

I kinda get the feeling that alot of the protestors, however, dont really know much about what they are protesting. Yes, China has had a deplorable record of human rights violations and is infamous for the amout of stifling they do on personal freedoms and censorship of the press. Tibet (the Dalai Lama in particular) also has not been so kind in the past. Who's right and wrong is a bit of a tricky issue.

Nonetheless, I get the feeling that many of the pro-Tibet side dont know all there is to know about the issue. They are, i n a word, ignorant. And the following picture is proof of this:

The answer is Yes. Yes, we did, in 1936. Please learn your history before you protest kthnx.

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