Sunday, 1 February 2009

In God We Don't Trust

The folks over at NBC have a poll up asking whether or not "In God We Trust" should be removed from U.S. currency. The "No" side is winning, unsurprisingly, 84% to 14%.

The issue of removing the official American federal motto - which, by the way, has only been official since 1956 - is one I hear popping up in the news every so often. Of course, the idea is constantly scoffed at in the media, but it is one that I support. Separation of church and state is, by constitution, mandatory in America and the motto does nothing to achieve this.

But that is not the main reason why I think "In God We Trust" should be removed from coinage, or anything that has to do with politics. The main reason I think is because it is quite simply wrong.

I don't trust in God (but then again, I'm Canadian, so I don't count). Any reasonable American doesn't trust in God. I mean, that God fellow is notoriously untrustworthy. Think of all the poor cancer patients who have been prayed for, only to die a few short months or even weeks later. Think of the residents of New Orleans who, when hurricane Katrina hit, prayed for their situation to get better, only to find their city spiral into wreck and ruin. For someone who is supposed to hear all those prayers, and give aid to those who really need it, you really can't trust him to deliver on that.

He's also a deceitful God. Consider the story of Isaac and Abraham. God tells Abraham "You must take your son Isaac, and sacrifice him to me, to prove your faith!" Now, when a voice booms down from the sky, commanding you to kill your kid, you have to be very very sure that's what the disembodied voice told you to do. You don't want to be mistaken about that sort of thing. God must have reassured Abraham that, yes, honestly, he had to kill his son. Abraham trusted God. But right at the very last second, God sends an angel down to stop Abraham and is all "Haha, just kidding man, I can't believe you fell for that shit! Go sacrifice that ram instead." Now, does that sound like someone you can trust? Someone that makes you almost murder your child just for a laugh? I don't think so.

And what about the second coming of Jesus he promised? It's been two thousand years and he hasn't shown up yet. I don't think he's coming. We've been duped. Mislead.

So no, in God we don't trust. God's a lying bastard.

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