Tuesday, 14 April 2009

New Answers in Genesis Ad: Godless Heathens will Kill You / We Kill Godless Heathens

Answers In Genesis, the very same group of know-nothings that brought you The Creation Museum and the pitiful attempt at "real science" known as the Answers Research Journal, are starting to branch out with new advertising. Check out their new ad below:

Their little slogan makes me wonder: "If you don't matter to God, you don't matter to anyone", said while a wife-beater clad youth points and cocks a gun at the camera.

This can be taken in two different ways:

1) "If you think that God does not exist - that you don't matter to Him - then you don't think life has any meaning. To atheists, your life and the lives of others don't matter. Godless atheists will have no moral qualms about killing you (and probably will)."


2) "If you think that God doesn't exist, then you don't matter to anyone. Especially not us Christians. So don't be surprised when we start shooting you atheists, because you just don't matter."

I wonder which message they were trying to send. Either way, it's absolutely appalling, not to mention completely untrue. Just because one does not believe in a bearded man in the clouds does not mean one cannot be a compassionate individual who cares for the lives of others. To suggest otherwise is a complete non sequiter. There is no link between belief in a deity and compassion for your fellow man. Once again, Answers in Genesis glows like a big, shiny beacon of ignorance.

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