Friday, 25 September 2009

A.C. Grayling Knows This Much

AC Grayling is perhaps one of the better known philosophers of today, and he recently wrote a piece for The Guardian entitled "This Much I Know", filled with interesting philosophical tidbits. Here are a couple that I found the most poignant.

Science is the outcome of being prepared to live without certainty and therefore a mark of maturity. It embraces doubt and loose ends.
The democracy of blogging and tweeting is absolutely terrific in one way. It is also the most effective producer of rubbish and insult and falsehood we have yet invented.

A human lifespan is less than a thousand months long. You need to make some time to think how to live it.

I'm not sure it is possible to think too much. You don't refresh your mind by partying in Ibiza.

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