Thursday, 17 March 2011

Not exactly the type of thing I thought I'd be associated with.

Going over my blog stats today I noticed something odd. I wrote a post two years ago about the interesting discovery of a virus that uses another virus as it's host. This actually seems to be the most popular thing I've written on my blog - it has about twice as many views as the next most viewed piece. In the last two days it has had quite a few views, and this is not odd, but I did notice that someone had found it by googling "". Kinda weird. I was curious what kind of search results that would turn up, so I tried it myself, and I found only four results: three were from my blog (expected) and one more from a forum called

Ok, so some Bible lover linked to my virus post on a religious forum. That in itself is kinda strange. But not as strange as what I found when I clicked on the link...
"Virus > could viruses and prions be Satan's attempts to create the building blocks of life - unsucessfully [sic] - or just a Satanic weapon ?" 
This was followed by four links to different sites that talked about the virus dead/alive debate, mine being the first. I have no idea how my blog post supports the poster's idea that viruses are some kind of satanic weapon. To be honest, I'm kinda creeped out.

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