Friday, 18 July 2008

And I thought things couldnt get any more ridiculous.

It's official. Now I've heard everything.

These people want Jesus as president. Seriously. When election day comes, they want to write in Jesus for president.

You hear that noise? That's the sound of America going down the drain.


Anonymous said...

I think you might want to re-check that info. The authors of the book that CNN interview is about aren't saying Jesus should be president. To the contrary they say Jesus would most likely make a terrible American president.

C.W.G.K said...

Admittedly, I havent looked into this story beyond the clip from CNN, but the way that CNN presents it, it would seem that the group isnt "voting left or right" but rather, they're voing "up", i.e. for Jesus. Perhaps it's some sort of metaphor that I'm not quite getting. Perhaps CNN is just presenting it in a skewed fashion (as the network is wont to do). Perhaps the whole thing is acting as publicity for the dude's book (which Im not about to buy to find out). Either way, the whole "Jesus for President" schtick is ridiculous.