Wednesday, 30 July 2008

"Dr. Dino" should be in jail for more than tax offences.

I came across a quote from Kent Hovind today, taken from a transcript of a radio interview he did. I knew that Kent Hovind was a sleezy, amoral nutjob but I never knew he was this batshit crazy:
"If you read the rules God gave to have a perfect society, they are phenomenal. [...] Whenever somebody commits the following crimes they are to be executed, publicly. And whoever is the offended party gets to throw the first stone [...] There is just the relief when you get to throw the rock at the person who offended you, or harmed you, or raped you, or stole from you, or something. I think Man is designed to need that satisfaction, that relief of taking vengeance. I think that is way God - I think that is the way human nature is. "

Allow me to paraphrase: "It's human nature to extract revenge on people who offend us. God made us this way. It's only natural for us to publically execute people who commit crimes." So much for all this "turn the other cheek" stuff that Christians are supposed to believe in.

Looking a little deeper, I found this site: "Quacky Quotes of Hovind's Ethics". That guy has said some really messed up shit. Take his stance on women having independance:
"This guy comes home from work, "Hi Honey, what's for supper?" "Whatever you're fixing." You know, she just got back from one of those meetings, those femi-nazi meetings. He said, "Honey, the house is kind of a mess, have you been busy today?" She said, "If you don't like it you clean it up." This went on for ten minutes. And finally he said, "How would you like to not see me for a week?" She said, "That would be fine with me." And sure enough on the the seventh day her left eye started to open just a little bit."

If you wife doesn't serve your every whim, then beat her? Disgusting. There are lots of other qoutes on that page, discussing his view on the Middle East ('kill them all and make sure you use bullets dipped in pig's blood so they don't go to heaven'), prison overcrowding ('excute criminals to make more room') and premarital sex ('girl's wouldnt have prematiral sex if they were threatened with death by stoning').

And they call us atheists the immoral, evil ones.

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Anonymous said...

Just because he actually has an opinion? :) Well, you are really smart! Believing everything you hear without using your brain... x) Well done! :)